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Zayn Malik’s Dating History, Loves, and Hookups Before Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik was romantically in relationship and dated few notable names before welcoming a baby girl with longtime girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik Dating History

Zayn Malik has had a few very high-profile relationships and has dated a few fellow singers too. Apart from all the negativity surrounding his relationships, singer Zayn Malik’s dating history is also of the same interest to people all over the world.
Zayn Malik’s current relationship with long-time girlfriend Gigi Hadid has also been like that. Gigi announced her parting ways with Zayn in 2021 because he allegedly hit her mom.

Zayn is one of the most handsome men in the world, having been nominated as the sexiest man alive for some years. The star has millions of female fans following across the globe. And why wouldn’t he? The looks he carries and the hairstyle he keeps are always enough to make you drool over him.

The ex-One Direction member is one of the most famous singers globally. He has always been in the news for his relationships. Sometimes it’s for good reasons and sometimes they are not so good.

But one thing is that some of his relationships have brought some unwanted hate toward him. But his fans really want to know about Zayn Malik’s Girlfriends and the rumored romance.

List Of Girlfriends And Dating History Of Zayn Malik.

  • Geneva lane
  • Rebecca Furguson
  • Stephanie Davis
  • Perrie Edwards
  • Carlyn Bryan
  • Neelam Gill
  • Gigi Hadid

Let us know more about the girlfriend and the woman Zayn Malik has dated or was rumored to be dating in detail.

Geneva Lane

Zayn Malik First girlfriend

He met Geneva while he was competing in the 2010 X factor, Geneva was his fellow finalist. Geneva and Zayn Malik started dating while they were on the sets and even were seen hanging out together quite a lot.

But it seems their romance was short-lived as they broke up after a few days of dating.

They never confirmed the relationship, but it was after his break-up with Perrie, that Geneva thrashed Zayn on Twitter and called him a “Heartbreaker”. We all can guess that according to her Zayn Malik broke her heart too.

Rebecca Furguson

Zayn Dated Rebecca

After his split with Geneva, Zayn Malik dated Another X factor candidate Rebecca Furguson for four months.

Despite the age gap of 6 years between the couple, they looked very good together. According to Rebecca they mutually decided to split and are on good terms.

She termed their relationship with each other as nothing sort of “Life changing”

Stephanie Davis

Zayn Girlfriend Stephanie

A few days after his split With Rebecca, there were rumors of Zayn Malik dating the Hollyoaks actress and Celebrity Big Brother star Stephanie Davis.

Though they split up just after dating for 5 months, according to sources they ended their relationship on good terms, and Stephanie was one of the Girlfriends Of Zayn Malik who still has good things to talk about her ex,

Though they haven’t been in touch since their split and are not seen together very often.

Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik relationship

This was one relationship, that brought a lot of hate against Zayn, because of how it ended between them. His relationship with Perrie was one of his longest relationships, he dated Perrie for 4 years and even got engaged to her.

He ended things a day before they were supposed to get married, according to rumors, what was shocking was that Zayn ended things over the Phone.

The Little Mix singer Perrie was heartbroken at this, and we could see that a few days after their alleged split, she dissed Zayn on an award show.

Zayn Malik ended his relationship with Perrie just a few days after his announcement of leaving One Direction.

He broke not just Perrie’s heart that year.

Carlyn Bryan

Carlyn Brayn

After his split with Perrie, Zayn posted a picture of him with an unknown girl, people started speculating that this unknown girl is the reason for his Splitting up with The Little Mix singer.

She was later revealed as Carolyn Bryan, a PR girl from Los Angeles.

However, it was unclear whether Zayn Malik and Carlyn and Bryan were dating or Just having a fling.

Neelam Gill

Zayn Malik and British model Neelam

Zayn met The Burberry Model in 2015, at a recording studio while he was reportedly engaged to Perrie Edwards. They reunited a month later at the Asian Awards, where she reached out to the singer on Twitter afterward, congratulating him on his award, adding ‘catch up soon!’, fuelling dating rumors.

But neither Neelam nor Zayn Malik confirmed or denied the rumors of them dating each other. It is believed the relationship didn’t last long and they parted ways very soon. As Zayn had met the love of his Life in Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik ex girlfriend

Zayn Malik started dating model Gigi Hadid in 2015 after they were spotted holding hands at Justin Bieber’s American Music Award afterparty. We could slowly see them become one of the most shipped couples over the internet,

The people were going Gaga over and how stunning the singer and Model duo looked with each other. They looked madly in love with each other. They confirmed their relationship in December with a cute picture of them together on Instagram.

The relationship went on and off for some time, and it ended things in 2018. But after some months the romance rekindled as they started being seen together on various occasions. Gigi was spotted With Zayn on his birthday.

In the month of April 2020, it was announced that the couple was expecting a child together. Gigi later confirmed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show and sent fans into a meltdown full of well-wishes!

They welcomed a baby girl, Khai, in September 2020, and marriage rumors even whirred during the lockdown! But in 2021 the couple ended the relationship after dating on and off for 6 years. Things turned ugly as Gigi in life on Instagram accused Zayn of hitting her mother and called it the reason for their breakup.

Gigi was one of the Long last Girlfriends of Zayn, and people were hoping to see the love birds together forever.

Wasn’t meant to be.

Though they are on amicable terms and seems like Gigi has forgiven Zayn but are not dating each other for now. The ex-girlfriend and boyfriend are also co-parenting their child.

This is all about the girlfriend and dating history of Zayn Malik.

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