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Top 20 Most Handsome Male Models Across The World

The top 20 most handsome and sexiest male models across the world include some who are short, old, and heavy but still slaying the hearts.

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Fashion has always occupied an essential center in people’s hearts. And through whom fashion has reached people?
the answer is MODELS.
Though behind making fashionable clothes there are lot of people who works but the one who showcases designer’s beautiful collection is nothing but a model. Modeling has become a very famous profession nowadays. Models are getting much recognition from people. Models are becoming as famous as actors. And also they are getting high money with different projects. So today we will be talking about the Top 20 most handsome and sexiest male models across the world.

Here we have prepared the list of 20 Handsome Male models in the world. You might also be interested to know the list of beautiful female models in the world. So, we have also prepared the list of the Most Beautiful Female Models in America.

Male models always carry different, unique, and very eye-catching personalities. By looking at a model you will observe a common type of pattern amongst male models like their hairstyles, dressing, poses. Here we have listed the Top 20 world’s most handsome and sexiest male models who will blow your mind with their look and style.

These models are famous for their physique which makes them more attractive. These handsome men take modeling to the next level because modeling is more than taking attractive pictures.

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List of Most Handsome And Sexiest Male Models In The World

1. Sean O’Pry

Sean O'Pry Sexiest Male model in the world

Well, if we are talking about the perfect face for a male model and if we are not taking Sean O’Pry into an account then I think we are doing a mistake. Search him on Instagram then look at his facial features you will get obsessed with him. He looks like a prince with blue eyes, a sharp nose, a perfect jawline, and a great physique. He has about 690k followers on Instagram

Till now he has shown appearances on runways and in magazines and commercials, but nowadays he also starred in music videos for Madonna and Taylor Swift.

2. Milind Soman

Milind Soman Indian Male Model in the list of world most handsome male model

This guy is the inspiration for many models across the world. The people who think that the modeling profession is only for the youth or the one who thinks that modeling is valid for a certain age group. Milind has broken all such myths about age groups.

Milind is an Indian entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, ardent health advocate, and one of the most handsome and sexiest male models. He is far successful and way creative than any other model at this age. Apart from being a model, he has worked in music video film, tv, web shows, etc.

3. David Gandy

David Gandy Handsome super male model

One of the most charming models with 1m followers on Instagram. He will kill you with his different and most creative poses. His Instagram feed will just blow your mind. David is a British model who was scouted from a televised model-search competition. He has worked as a lead with brands like Dolce & Gabbana. He is the founder and creator of “David Gandy wellwear“.

4. Jon Kortajarena

Spanish Handsome male model in world Jon Kortajarena

Kortajerena is quite famous in the modeling world. He has about 3m fan following on Instagram. John is a Spanish model. Kortajarena worked with big brands like h&m, Zara, tom ford, guess. In 2009, Kortajarena got eighth-ranked in World’s 10 Most Successful and Handsome Male Models by Forbes. In the year 2003, he started exploring the world of fashion and modeling.

5. Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith famous model all around the world

Lucky Blue Smith started his modeling journey when he was 10 years old later on after two years he got signed to an international agency at the age of 12. He has over 2.7 million fans following on Instagram. At a very early ae he worked with big brands like Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein.

6. Isaac Carew

One of the sexiest and Handsome male model across the world

Isaac Carew A Model with chef !! seems unique right? Very few models do something different other than acting, producing and Issac is one of them. He is very passionate about cooking which makes him sexier. His Instagram feed is full of recipes. He is a British model.

Isaac has done campaigns for big brands such as Topman and Hermes. Before being one of the handsome male models he started his career with a chief and he got specialized in cooking and then he moved on to modeling. He has been represented by many famous modeling agencies till now.

7. Evandro Soldati

Evandro Brazalian Alpha male model and is sexiest in the world

Evandro is a Brazilian model. He started his modeling journey in 2002. Evandro has very impressive facial features and an excellent physique. While walking on a ramp, he must be making everyone stunned with this walk and personality.

He has a perfect model face. Forbes named Evandro as the 7th most successful male model in the world in 2008. Til now for many brands he has been the mail model and he has done many campaigns for brands like guess, dolce & Gabbana.

8. Marcus Schenkenberg

Marcus Schenkenberg handsome attractive sexy and charming male model actor and singer

Marcus is a Swedish model, actor, singer, writer, and television personality. Schenkenberg is best known for modeling for Calvin Klein shoots. He is one of the bold and sexiest and handsome models in the world of the modeling industry. Apart from being signed by infamous agencies, doing various tv shows and films. He has also published his book by the name of “Marcus Schenkenberg: New Rules” where he shared many things about his modeling career, life.

9. Alex Lundqvist

Swedish model and one of the handsome and sexiest in the world

Alex is a Swedish model. He is been in the industry since 1996. Alex was born on 14 April 1972.49-year-old Alex is still working in the industry in some o the other way like in music video, films, etc. He has done work with ver famous magazines like GQ, playgirl, Elle, top model. Alex is considered of the 10 most iconic male models of all time by Models.com.He has about 102k fan following on Instagram. He is quite active on Instagram.

10. Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi Indian Model

Karan Oberoi is an Indian fitness and fashion model. As a model Karan is very popular and successful in India. Karan has worked with many big brands till now. Apart from being handsome and attractive, Karan Oberoi is also known to be the face of Royal Enfield motorcycles, Reebok India, and poster boy for Fashion Big Bazaar for 2 consecutive years. He has won so many titles and recognition for being a top-notch model with good fitness.

11. Noah Mills

Canadian male model Noah mills

Noah Mills is a Canadian model and actor. In September 2014, Vogue ranked him as one of the ‘Top 10 Male Models of All Time’.Noah started his journey in 2001. He has a very different dressing sense and posing style, Till now he has worked in many films, television, short films, and music videos.

12. Luka Sabbat

Luka Sabbat in modelling field since he was 15

Luka Sabbat is a very famous male model with 2.8 million followers on Instagram. Sabbat entered into modeling industry when he was 15 by ReQuest Model Management. Luka is an American model, actor, stylist, and fashion designer. He was born on the year 1997. At the age of 24, he beat many male models across the world. He is best known for his unique way of carrying style.

13. Zach Miko

Zach Miko Plus size male model

Unlike Milind Soman from India, Zach Miko is an inspiration to all the plus-size males who are interested to make a career in modeling. Zach is the first hefty size male model to sign with IMG Models. He is recorded under the Brawn Division.

31-year-old model Zach is the big inspiration to people who think that at 30, modeling is not the option. Because of models like Milin and Zach people are accepting themselves as they are and they are making a good career in the modeling industry.

14. Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford black male model with sexy body at age of 51+

Tyson is an American model and actor. Many people know him as a Ralph Lauren’s Polo model. Tyson was named “Man of the Year” by VH1, and one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People Magazine. Vogue magazine shows a special bonding with Tyson. Vogue named Tyson as ‘Top Handsome Male Model of All Time’.

51 year Tyson is still maintaining his physique as one maintains it in their 20’s. Tyson always flaunts his physique on his Instagram account. Currently, he has 638 fans following on Instagram.

15. Johannes Huebl

Photographer and handsome male model Johannes Huebl

Johannes is a German model, photographer, and designer. He will always flaunt his best collection of clothing with this charming look. He started his modeling journey at the age of 17. Huebl has done campaigns for Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren in addition to collaborating with photographers like Peter Lindbergh.

He has also worked with some famous fashion magazines like GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and so many others. He and his wife, Johannes, and his wife Olivia are both equally passionate about fashion and they are very famous as couples.

16. Oliver Cheshire

Oliver Cheshire sexiest male model with perfect body

Cheshire is a beautiful and sexiest English fashion male model and writer in the world. Oliver has a perfect model face. At the age of 15, he started with a modeling career with Select Model Management in 2003. He has done work with very big brands for Calvin Klein, D&G, fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Missoni, and Vivienne Westwood.

17. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum sexy and attractive model in the world

Channing Tatum is an American actor, producer, and dancer. He is very famous in the industry with 17millions fan following. Till now he worked as a dancer, model, producer, actor in his projects. Now he has 2 production companies 33andOut Productions and Iron Horse Entertainment.

18. Billy Huxley

Billy Huxley

Billy Huxley is quite unique at styling his beards, tattoos, and hair. You will always see him giving super dashing poses with attractive outfits. Huxley is the leading celebrity of England and is considered one of the most handsome male models there. He started his career at the age of 21. He has done work with magazines like  Vogue, Kaltblut, FHM, Forbes, and for Ad-campaigns for brands like Asos, Adidas, and Vagabond.

19. Adam Senn

Adam Senn

Adam is an American model, actor, and restaurateur. He has an athletic body build and a charming smile. Adam Senn is famous for his work with big brands like ‘Dolce & Gabbana,’ ‘Tom Ford’, ‘Gucci.’ He is known for playing Zero, a bisexual professional basketball player, on VH1’s Hit the floor from 2014 to 2016

20. Marlon Teixeira

Male brazilian model Marlon Teixeira

Marlon is a Brazilian model and actor. In the modeling field, he has done a lot of work like appearing on the cover pages of famous magazines and walking for high brands like Chanel, Dolce& Gabbana. Till now he has won many awards. In 2015 he was ranked in the Top 50 by models.com

These are the top 20 most handsome and sexiest male models, chosen across the world.

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