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The Rock: dedicated a song for a cute girl

The rock recently share a couple of video on Instagram of cute girl. He also sang a song for her and sending a beautiful message.

the rock and cute girl

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson never let their fans down he always keeps them motivated and keeps entertaining with his posts. He has recently uploaded a video on Instagram sending a beautiful message for a cute little girl “Indy Llew”. Indy can be seen singing the song “How far I’ll Go” from the movie “Moana”. This movie is made under Walt Disney and was released in 2016. The Rock gave voice to the character named Maui in that movie. Later this movie was nominated for two Oscars also.

The rock shares a video on Instagram

“The Rock,” told that this awesome video was sent to him by one of his friends and he came to like it so much. “The Rock told that this message is for a very special and very strong girl Indy Llew” he also told that he was also in Moana although the girl has no idea who he is still The Rock is totally cool with it. He later told that he is the Maui from the Moana and to convince the little girl he sang a little bit of song called “You’re Welcome”.

It can be seen in his post that how cool and funny he is. At last he sent a very heartwarming message for the little “Indy” Although it was 1am and it was his bedtime but he still took his little time to praise the little girl.

To watch the video click the below image

 It’s 1 am and I just got sent this beautiful vid of a VERY special & strong little girl named Indy Llew ❤️
Stay strong honey and keep singing your songs!
Love you,

Rock did lots of Hollywood movies. He also shares the screen with Alexandra Daddario in Baywatch 2017.

This video is a hit on Instagram it has millions of likes and comments in just one day. As people love The rock they are also loving this adorable girl.

Let’s see What was people’s reaction to this after watching the post.

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