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Sophie Turner Dating History Before Husband Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner has dated three handsome men before marrying Joe Jonas. Full dating history and ex boyfriend list of Sophie Turner

Dating History Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner has debuted in Hollywood in 2011 with the HBO epic fantasy television series Game Of Thrones. Turner has given many hit television series and movies like X-Men Apocalypse, even she dated her X-men co-star. Sophie Turner has dated several young men so without any further due let us see her dating history and ex-boyfriend list.

Turner is a beautiful lady and anyone would want her in his life as a partner but Joe is the lucky one whom Sophie chose. Sophie Turner is engaged with Joe Jonas, so you can say Joe is her boyfriend or husband. We will come to the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner relationship but before, let’s see the list of her exes.

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Sophie Turner And Her Ex-Boyfriends List and All Partner

1. James McVey

James McVey Sophie Turner Ex Boyfriend

James McVey is the first person in the list of Sophie Turner’s boyfriend list. The Vamp lead guitarist and Sophie Turned have dated each other in 2014 for more than 2 months. It was Sophie’s first official relationship.

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last long and both get separated. The reason for the breakup was speculated to be the joke on Twitter that James tweeted.

But later James clarified and in an interview with The Sun James said, “I’ve been meaning to put this right for years, and for some reason, I haven’t,” he said.

“So Sophie and I, we actually parted really amicably, and the stuff that was all on Twitter was a joke between me and her,”. “We were actually still together when we did all that.” “It was just meant to be a joke that no one really got. So, no, there’s no bad blood between Sophie and me.”

James also said he is happy for Sophie and Joe.

2. Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann And Sophie Turner Dating History

Sophie Turner was also rumored to be dating her co-star from the movie “Barely Lethal”, Thomas Mann in 2015. It was just based on assumptions since both of them worked together in the same movie. Also, people love to know their favorite stars’ life and sometimes they just made up things.

This is common as a lot of celebrities who works together with the opposite gender have to deal with rumors like these. And these types of rumors spread fast on social media or throughout the media.

Sophie never accepted her relationship with Thomas and they had always been a good friend only.

3. Tye Sheridan

Sophie Turner And Tye Sheridan

There was a rumor going on in 2015 that X-Men: Apocalypse costars Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner are dating. This rumor about Sophie and Tye was a hot topic in 2015 the fans also wanted to see them as a real couple.

The reason for the rumor was that both actors shared camera time for the movie X-Men Apocalypse. Later in 2019, Sophie Turner admitted that she is in love with her co-star Tye Sheridan and also said that her husband Joe Jonas is quite cool with it.

She also added that Tye was her best on-screen boyfriend that she ever had. And also her relationship with Joe is strong enough that something like this doesn’t bother them at all.

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Dating History

Joe Jonas with his wife

Sophie and Joe Jonas started dating each other in October 2016 and after a year they got engaged in October 2017. Both of them tied the knot in a surprise ceremony on May 1, 2019. The pair met through their mutual friend Hailee Steinfeld.

Later after two months on June 29, 2019, they wed again in a more formal way. The ceremony was held in France.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been married for 2 years. They were dating for 1 year after getting together in Oct 2016. After 1 year of engagement, they married on 1st May 2019.

In July 2020, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Willa. 

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