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Sarah and Teresa Palmer co-founded “Your Zen Mama And Book Zen Mamas”

Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin launched the health and wellness website Your Zen Life, Later Palmer formed a site Your Zen Mama with Sarah.

Sarah Olsen and Phoebe Tonkin Your Zen Mama

Sarah Fay Wright Olsen is an American actress and her friend Teresa Palmer founded a website called Your Zen Mama. But before that, this website was established by Teresa and Phoebe Tonkin under the name of “Your Zen Life”. Later Sarah Olsen and Teresa Palmer co-authored a book named “Zen Mamas-Finding Your Path Through Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond”.

Personal Life of Sarah Fay Wright Olsen

Sarah Fay wright olsen

In 2005 Sarah marries A. J. Mason. But unfortunately, her marriage did not last long and in 2006 they divorced. Later on, in 2012 she got married to Eric Christian Olsen and she has a son Wyatt Oliver Olsen and daughters Esme Olivia Olsen and Winter Story Olsen.

Sarah got so engaged in her parental life that Sarah and her friend co-founded the parenting site Your Zen Mama. And also co-authored the book Zen Mamas: Finding Your Path Through Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond in 2021 With Teresa Palmer.

About Teresa Palmer

Hot Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer is an Australian actress, writer, model, and film producer. Palmer started her career in Australian films and then she moved to Hollywood. Teresa married Mark Webber. Mark is an actor and director. She and Webber have two sons and two daughters together.

In November 2012, Teresa Palmer and friend Phoebe Tonkin launched the health and wellness website Your Zen Life. But in June 2015, Tonkin announced she was stepping down from her involvement in the site due to work commitments. Due to this reason, Teresa Palmer co-founded a sister site to Your Zen Life called Your Zen Mama, with Sarah.

Another Co-Founder Of Your Zen Life Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin hot

Phoebe Tonkin is an Australian actress and model. She was born on 12 July 1989. She began her career in 2005 with the Australian children’s television series H20:just add water. Tonkin has done work in a number of advertisements, music videos, and also Tonkin was part of the website Your Zen Life.

All You Need To Know About Sarah Olsen And Teresa Palmer Website “YOUR ZEN MAMA”.

Your Zen Mama website

Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen, are the co-founders of Your Zen Mama.

Sarah and Teresa started with the website Yourzenmama.com to help, create awareness and support mothers, fathers, and caregivers and to provide a platform to learn and share stories about the parenting journey.

Teresa and Sarah are very good friends in real. Teresa and Sarah have supported each other through the joy and pain that comes with motherhood, including pregnancy loss. Both the women have experienced pregnancy loss in their life. They both have their clear opinions on each and every question that comes in their way regarding parenting. Well, their kids are so lucky to have a mom like Teresa and Sarah who does a lot to provide them with a good upbringing.

Zen Mamas Book And More

While talking about running Your Zen Mama, Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen both are mothers, they have a lot of knowledge about parenting, pregnancy, babies. Through this website both the ladies share their knowledge about their happy and sad moments, personal struggles during pregnancy, changes that keep happening in the bodies in that 9 month period, some interesting recipes, parenting, weekly vlogs during pregnancy, how to create a healthy and productive environment for the baby.

Sarah Olsen and Teresa Palmer website Your Zen Mama

Similar experience related to pregnancy is also shared by Kareena Kapoor Khan in her new book “The Pregnancy Bible”.

With this website and the “Zen Mamas Book”, both Sarah Olsen and Teresa Palmer have taken a great initiative towards millions of newborn life and mothers across the globe by helping them with a must-have knowledge. So many mothers are not aware of all the new things like raising a baby, taking care of their baby and themselves in those 9 months. They have solutions for every problem through which all moms go. So for all such ladies, YOUR ZEN MAMA is the perfect source.

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