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Rohit Sardana wife Pramila Dixit Starts the Foundation of her husband

Rohit Sardana wife Pramila Dixit and her family started a foundation and Pramila often shares pics and news related to Rohit on Instagram.

pramila dixit aaj tak

On 30 April 2021, famous Aaj Tak news anchor Rohit Sardana(wife of Pramila Dixit) took his final breath while fighting with the covid-19 and left this world leaving the whole country in shock and despair. He was the gem of the media and news industry. Rohit was an Indian news anchor who was born on 22 September 1979 in Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. He was in the position of a senior anchor at Aaj Tak, where he hosted a show called “Dangal ( Arena )” which featured debate panels. Rohit Sardana’s wife also worked at the Aaj Tak.

Pramila Dixit’s husband died due to a heart attack at the early age of 41, also Sardana was suffering from covid-19 and was admitted to Metro Hospital. Even in his last moments, he was worried about all the people who were suffering from covid-19. His last tweet.

भारत मे किसी आंदोलन के लिए तो अरबो की फंडिंग हो जाती है ,

मगर संकट के समय कोई एक ऑक्सिजन प्लांट भी नही देता !!

He might be in hospital due to coronavirus and facing the problem of oxygen cylinder. And then he tweets the condition of hospitals in India.

He raises the fact that the Indian government is not capable to supply a sufficient amount of oxygen cylinders and covid-19 essentials, but the Indian government is trying its best to fulfill everyone’s requirements.

Who is Pramila Dixit?

pramila dixit

Pramila Dixit, the wife of the famous Aaj Tak news channel late Anchor Rohit Sardana. She is Journalist, Writer, Poet, and Blogger by profession. Pramila Dixit also worked at the Aaj Tak news channel.

Pramila Dixit and her family starts Foundation in the name of the late Rohit Sardana

Indian Journalist and wife of Late Anchor Rohit Sardana and her family started a foundation #RohitSardanaFoundation on the 42nd birthday of late Rohit Sardana. The aim of this foundation is to empower the ‘Nation First’. Here is the website of the Rohit Sardana Foundation.

Rohit Sardana’s wife often shares pics with her late husband on Instagram to memorize her love and feelings towards him.

rohit sardana wife

Rohit Sardana and his media journey

Sardana was with Zee news since 2004 as an executive editor, anchor, and news presenter. There he was an anchor of the show “TAAL THOK KE” and later he joined Aaj Tak in 2017.

Rohit Sadarna was awarded best anchor Hindi at the prestigious exchange4media News Broadcasting Awards (ENBA) 2020. Also, he was honored with Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Puraskar in 2018.

Sardana Early Life And Education

Rohit Sardana had a Bachelor of Arts degree. Sardana completed his academic in mass communication from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology to earn a post-graduate degree.

Rohit Sardana’s wife Pramila Dixit

rohit sardana and pramila dixit family

Rohit marries Pramila Dixit, Rohit and his wife have two daughters. Pramila Dixit shares her family photo where she mentioned “The strength of the strongest 3”. In this pic, Pramila Dixit is with her two daughters and late husband Rohit Sardana. Sardana was popular all around the country and the news of his sudden death on 30th April 2021 left the whole country in shock, everyone who knows him is in mourn.

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