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Rashmi Desai Reveals Reason for her Divorce With Nandish Sandhu.

Rashmi Desai and her husband Nandish have their own reason for divorce. Rashmi said she was always disrespected while Nandish was Frustrated.

Rashmi Desai and Nandish Sandhu Divorce

Desai is a very famous Indian actor and dancer. During the Uttaran show, Rashmi and Nandish fell in love with each other. Later on 12 February 2012, Rashmi Desai and Nandish married each other but unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long. Nandish and Rashmi took divorce in 2016 just after 4 years of their marriage. Now Rashmi Desai finally tells the reason behind her divorce from her husband.

The people who love Hindi television must be knowing Uttaran serial used to come in 2009, and the people who have watched Uttaran also must be knowing fame Rashmi Desai. Rashmi played various roles in her acting journey in different serials, different films, and also in tv reality shows.

She started her acting journey in 2002 with the film titled Kanyadaan. She got her biggest breakthrough the ‘Pari hoon main’ serial on star plus in which she played a dual role.

Nandish is an actor, model, and producer. He made his television debut playing Raunak Sabharwal in the successful show Kasturi 2007.

Rashmi Desai Husband Nandish Sandhu

Another television couple Vivian and Vahbiz also took Divorce. Vahbiz Dorabjee Accused Vivian Dsena of Domestic Violence.

Reason Behind Rashmi Desai Divorce

Sources are telling so many reasons for their divorce. People are highly blaming Rashmi for her possessive behavior towards Nandish. On which Rashmi said that “If Nandish had given his 100 percent to this relationship then nothing would have gone wrong. I have never had any problems with his female friends. I have never doubted him. I was busy with my travel and work. I did not know he was dating someone or not. Even if he is, then he should enjoy it. I wish good for his future”.

On the other side, Rashmi Desai’s husband Nandish was fed up and frustrated by her possessive behavior. Nandish stated that “he was an independent man before Rashmi came into his life. He could not handle so much possessiveness”.

Also, Rashmi Desai claimed that the media is completely blaming her for the divorce. But this is not the truth. They both made the decision together to part their ways out. Rashmi said that she was always disrespected. She stated that “We’ve had problems for three years now. Why did I leave the house? I’ve never spoken about this- but Muje Humesha Ghar Se Nikala Jaataa! If he gave his 100% Yeh Cheezein Hoti Hi Nahi n”.

Nandish and Rashmi Desai Divorce Reason

Also, Rashmi had the hope that again they can become together after participating n the Nach Baliye season 7. But again right after the show again something had happened then she finally decided to come out of the relationship. Later Rashmi Desai and Nandish Sandhu filed the divorce.

Life After Divorce

The entire process was very painful for Rashmi. She was very disturbed throughout the process. But now they both are living a happy life as an individual. They are now good friends. They have no more complaints with each other. Rashmi Desai Said ‘We are very cordial’ and also both have moved on after divorce.

This beautiful couple parts their way on a very sad note. Though we can only wish for their well-being

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