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Rachel Sharma Instagram Star, Biography, Hot Photos

Rachel Sharma and Sassy Poonam both are hot and sexy Instagram stars where they Upload video content. Thing that reveals that both are sister

hot and sexy rachel sharma

The modern world is the world of entertainment and one who can entertain is a celebrity on their own. The Instagram star is the new-gen celebs. Rachel Sharma is hot and beautiful and is the new upcoming Instagram star, she makes Instagram reels videos which are getting popular day by day. You can follow her on Instagram through the below link.

Since August 17, 2019, she is on Insta and regularly uploads videos and Photos. Many follow her to look at the beauty and admire her for that. Currently, she has more than 210k followers and still growing. Many of you who know sassy Poonam sometimes may get confused in Sassy and Rachel. And have you wondered that maybe they are related or they just look similar.

Rachel Sharma

Sassy Poonam and Rachel Sharma

Rachel follows only 3 people currently and sassy is one of them and even Sassy Follow Rachel. You must be knowing Sassy Poonam the Influencer, Model, and Instagram Star. Many believe that Sassy Poonam and Rachel Sharma are sisters because of the similarity between these two. They look so similar that people get confused and sometimes not be able to distinguish.

They both have their personal app where they upload content. Also, you can find the similarities between the background of their houses which indicates that they live in the same house. They even post the same type of content. Both Sassy Poonam and Rachel Sharma are hot and sexy ladies which rule over many hearts. But we cannot say for sure whether these two are sisters or not since there is no official data about them.

sassy poonam and rachel sharma

Rachel Career

She is not limited to Instagram only, she has recently shot a music video. Rachel Sharma shared a video clip on Instagram in which she captioned “🙈 my first song ❤️”. Although it was her first big project she looked confident and ravishing hot. Fans are loving the video and want to see her more in other songs.

rachel sharma Instagram

Rachel Sharma also has its own mobile app where she uploads videos and other exclusive content. She connects her fans directly through chat. Her hobby is blogging.

Rachel Sharma Instagram Profile link

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