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New-Age Star Parineeti Chopra Hot Photoshoot For The Peacock Magazine

the peacock magazine star 2022

Parineeti Chopra recently had a photoshoot for The Peacock Magazine and she looked ravishingly hot in every picture. She posted several pictures on Instagram thanking The peacock for having her on their first cover of 2022. Parineeti is titled “Bollywood New-Age Star” by Peacock Magazine. Parineeti Chopra started the year 2022 with her latest photoshoot with the Peacock Magazine.

Chopra looked hot and sexy in every dress she wore. She also carried herself with confidence and elegance.

Parineeti Chopra Said She Is Blessed.

The rising star Parineeti Chopra said to the Peacock Magazine “I was blessed with this journey even without going to an acting school. I think that you must depend on people who know their craft to tell you whether you need training or not. But for some people, I think formal training works very well. Some brilliant actors have enhanced their skills, performances and their knowledge of cinema just because they went to a good school. So honestly, to each their own. You need to be the judge yourself of whether you want to or need to go to an acting school or not,”.

She also added “I think the highest appreciation is when you become a household name, like when somebody is sitting in Bhopal or New York or Tokyo, they all know your name and they all know who you are and they appreciate your work. That’s the highest appreciation an actor can get from strangers all over the world,”.

Parineeti Chopra Looked Hot And Sexy In Every Dress.

parineeti chopra hot photoshoot

She uploaded pictures on Instagram which were pleasing to the eye. And She has donned the western attires with sheer elegance.

The eye-catching part apart from her beauty was the theme and the background props used for the photographs. In one she donned an emerald green silhouette that has a floor-length skirt and beautiful top, which looks sumptuous. Her confidence was on another level and was clearly visible in the photos. The smokey eyes and the makeup makes her look so gorgeous

The kitchen props have been used with quiet intelligence. The temperature rises with her burgundy-colored two-piece.

In another shoot, she wore a pink two-piece making her look pretty to the eyes. The subtle color of the dress makes it look even better on her. And there was a light pink color gorgeous gown with a pair of golden lavish shoes.

The creativity of the photographer and the ever so photogenic Pareeniti is the combination to look out for.

Photographed by the very talented Abheet Gidwani. And styled by Aastha Sharma. The makeup by Manisha And the location of the ravishing photoshoot were @theritzcarltonpune.

And we look forward to more such Treat to the eye photos from the gorgeous actress.

parineeti chopra latest photoshoot

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The Peacock Magazine featured Parineeti Chopra on the first cover of 2022 for the month January-February. The magazine changes the face of stars in a month or few.

Before Parineeti, Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan was on the front page of this magazine for the December issue. Similarly, Shraddha Kapoor was on the cover for the September issue.

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