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Nora Fatehi’s New Hot Photoshoot In Yellow and White For FilmFare 2021

Nora Fatehi looks hot and sexy in her latest Photoshoot for FilmFare 2021 in short sleeve white dress and a sensuous yellow dress.

Nora Fatehi Hot Photoshoot for Filmfare 2021

Who doesn’t know Nora Fatehi in India? I guess we all know Nora Fatehi. She has a huge fan base on Instagram. She always makes us updated with her life activities and her new projects, be it her new photoshoot. Everyone out there is talking about Nora Fatehi’s new stunning photoshoot for Filmfare 2021. Also, Nora Fatehi wore a dress designed by Stylist Maneka Harisinghani in which she looks extremely hot and sexy. She was born on 6 Feb 1992. This 29-year-old beautiful Nora Fatehi always makes us stunned with her hot photoshoots and sexy looks.

Some Great Things About Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi style be stylist Maneka Harisinghani

Nora started her journey with Bollywood film Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans in the year 2013. Nora is a Canadian dancer, model, actress, singer, and producer. She also has worked in Telugu and Malayalam industries.

Nora’s dance, her moves her way of doing all steps, no one can compete her. Take any song on which Nora Fatehi did a dance videos like Nach meri rani, Garmi, Dilbar, Saki Saki, and watch other dancers on the same song. No one can match her energy and her dancing level. Though she is a model, actor, and dancer, she gained a lot of popularity because of her dance.

The gorgeous Nora Fatehi had her struggles when she started her journey but currently, people are giving her immense love and appreciating her work which indeed is a turning point in her life. Hats off to her struggles. Nora has always been seen in many awards, shows, movies, cameo thereby making a connection with the audience.

Her dance itself says that how hardworking and passionate Nora is !! Through Nora’s song always a new trend of dance comes into the picture. Also a lot of choreographers all over India are big fans of Nora and they always make their choreographies on her song by following her steps. So Nora is quite famous amongst dancers.

Apart from dancing on various songs, at various awards functions like FilmFare 2021, Nora has walked for many ramp shows flaunting her incredible style. People around India are totally obsessed with the way she carries her style.

Nora Fatehi’s New Hot Photoshoot For Filmfare 2021

Nora Fatehi sexy Images

Nora love to do photoshoots. You can get to see her with lots of photoshoots on her Instagram wearing different outfits of different designers. Recently Nora Fatehi’s new stunning Photoshoot has one look with a gorgeous short sleeve white dress with a swimsuit and the second look with a sensuous silhouette yellow wrap dress with straps.

Not to mention in both the dresses, she was giving stunning poses. Also she was looking like a top-notch model. In addition both the dresses were styled by the same stylist Maneka Harisinghani. Maneka has done plenty of shoots together with Nora. They both always do a fabulous collab together.

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