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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Love Relationship

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship has been a roller coaster ride in last decade, here are truths of their journey of love life.

Liam Hemsworth Relationship

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’s relationship is the most talked-about relationship between the celebs and their fans. The fans want to get every news about their favorite celebrity. Now finally Miley gave a statement on their breakup and divorce.

Miley Cyrus Relationship

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have split after less than a year of marriage it may come as a shock to some but others have seen this coming for a while, what could have gone wrong? Miley Cyrus saying “NOTHING BREAKS LIKE A HEART OUR ARE OFFICIALLY BROKEN”. Well, it looks like the honeymoon phase did not last too long for Miley and Liam. For Miley, it kind of feels like ‘ THE LAST SONG ‘ never happened.

This couple was on again off again for 10 long years. They first met on the set of the film in 2009. And a piece of news confirms the split on Saturday, August 10th with the statement from Miley’s rap that said “LIAM AND MILEY HAVE AGREED TO SEPARATE AT THIS TIME “. They still remain dedicated parents to all of the animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart.

Liam And Miley

What did Miley and Liam have to say about their split? Miley took to Instagram just a day after the news of their split went public to seemingly address the breakup. Miley posted a pair of photos with an emotional caption that said,
“Don’t fight evolution because you never win this “. Post was flooded with encouragement from other celebs like Ariana Grande and Miley’s sister Brandi Cyrus.

Timeline Of Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Relationship

Amid an interview with seventeen magazines in November 2009, Cyrus’s first time delegated Hemsworth her ” best – friend “. Later in an interview in March 2010 Cyrus disclosed what she likes about Liam. In a February 2012 interview, Hemsworth talked openly about his love bond with Cyrus for the first time. After a time span of two years, both of them got betrothed at the end of May 2012. In 2015 they confirmed their breakup.

But later in 2016, Cyrus disclosed that she is falling for Liam again and called Hemsworth her ” surviving partner “. Miley and Liam were everyone’s favorite couple they were everyone’s goal but they also broke up they ended in 2020. As a married couple, they had a very private ceremony in their home it was so cute but let’s get to the real thing so why did they mainly break up.

Reason for Miley And Liam Separation

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth

Basically, Liam was possessive and restrictive and Miley has a very colorful personality, one example of Liam being possessive restrictive was that he did not want Miley in the LimeLight being that type of lifestyle, he wanted her to step back from that type of lifestyle and the thing about Miley is she did not want to give up that type of lifestyle which was the excessive partying and drugs Lifestyle she told him that she was ready to give it all up.

Liam was a bit controlling because it is kind of like I love you but I want you also to be the version I see in my head. Liam wants to be like his brother Chris he wants a family, he wants a wife, and he wants that white ticket fence house dream and Miley is just not interested in being a wife and that was part of the reason why they broke up.

Miley Cyrus released the song for Liam called ” Slide Away” and the unreleased version shows that everything I am saying is true. She basically is like “I don’t want to be a wife and kid, I want my whiskey and pills”.
So basically their journey has had many ups and downs. And it’s true that love is beyond every relationship a simple marriage cannot define the meaning of true love.

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