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Mahesh Bhupathi All Relationships – He Ended His Marriage With Shvetha Jaishankar For Lara Dutta

Mahesh Bhupathi’s tragic love story and with ex-wife Shvetha Jaishankar, Mahesh ended his 7-year-old marriage to marry Lara Dutta.

Mahesh Bhupathi wife

Miss Universe 2000, Lara Dutta, and India’s first Grand slam winner, Mahesh Bhupathi married on February 16, 2011. They have a daughter, Saira Bhupathi. We have seen husband-wife couples, who belong to the Bollywood-sports club, and Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi are one of them. They together make a fabulous couple. Both are superb in their respective fields and even their Jodi turned out to be superb. Mahesh Bhupathi married Lara Dutta after ending his all relationship with his first(ex) wife Shvetha Jaishankar.

This article will also give you information about all the relationships of Mahesh Bhupathi in past. Mahesh Bhupathi has a total of 2 relationships. He first engaged with Shvetha Jaishankar in 2002 and then he married Lara Dutta in 2011.

Lara’s affairs have always been viral whether is it with Kelly Dorji who was a model or others. But after all the messed-up relationships, the one that came into Lara’s life, her soulmate Mahesh Bhupathi. Lara is the second wife of Mahesh Bhupathi.

Here we will know Mahesh Bhupathi’s relationship with his wives. He first married Shvetha and after getting a divorce from her he married Indian actress Lara Dutta. Shveta is his first(ex) wife while Lara is his current wife.

Mahesh Bhupathi family

Lara Dutta Love Story With Mahesh

Mahesh and Lara had first met at a business meeting for some work in his sports company and soon they had started dating. Their love story faced troubles as he was already married to a model, Shvetha Jaishankar.

Before their wedding, Mahesh Bhupathi and Lara had dated each other for quite some time and finally, in 2011 they got married in a simple ceremony in Bandra, Mumbai attended by close family and friends. And four days later, on Feb 20, they had a glamorous Church wedding. And after a year Mahesh Bhupathi and his wife Lara welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Saira. They regularly post pictures on social media with their daughter.
After her daughter was born Lara took a break from acting and taking care of her daughter in her early childhood.

Last year on Lara Dutta’s birthday Mahesh Bhupathi shared a throwback picture of himself with his wife Lara Dutta from 12 years back. He shared the pic on his Instagram handle and captioned “Happy Birthday @larabhupathi .. Throwback to the first time we met 12 years ago when I thought “ chance pe dance “ to what you have built for us today 😇”.

Mahesh And Lara Dutta

Mahesh Bhupathi Ex(First) Wife Shvetha Jaishankar

Shvetha Jaishankar is the first wife of Former Tennis Player Mahesh Bhupathi. They were happily in marriage life for 7 years. Later on, things haven’t work and they separated in 2009.

Shvetha and Mahesh had tied the knot in 2002. There were also rumors that Lara is the reason for their broken marriage. They got divorced amicably in 2009. After separating from Shvetha, Mahesh married his girlfriend Lara Dutta which makes the reason clear behind his divorce with Shvetha Jaishankar.

Mahesh Bhupathi’s ex-wife Shvetha is now happily married to a businessman in Chennai and has two daughters.

Shvetha Jaishankar Mahesh Bhupathi ex wife

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