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Maddie Hasson replaces Kate Easton at Alexandra Daddario House – SayVerity

American Actress Maddie Hasson joined the house of Alexandra Daddario where Kate Easton and Morgan Nalley was already living.

Alexandra Daddario Maddie Hasson

A new member joins the gorgeous trio Alexandra Daddario, Kate Easton, and Morgan Nalley and she is beautiful herself. Maddie Hasson became the fourth roommate of true detective actress Alexandra Daddario. Recently there is a lot of chaos going on in Alex’s house. Alex’s best friend Kate Easton is moving out of the house and Maddie Hasson comes over. On this Alexandra shared a video on youtube and tell her fans about the situation.

Below is the link to Alexandra Daddario’s latest video with Maddie Hasson, how all these things were recorded.

Who is Maddie Hasson?

Maddie Hasson

Maddie is an American actress and has done many films and television series. She debuted with the role of Willa Monday in Fox’s “The Finder”. She was born on January 4, 1995, in New Bern, North Carolina.

In 2015, Maddie Hasson Married Julian Brink.

At the beginning of the year 2021, the news of Maddie Hasson being bisexual came to the fore.

The Finder actress Maddie Hasson is famous on Instagram and has more than 67k Followers.

Maddie was seen with Alexandra in “We Summon The Darkness” which was released in 2019 and since then they became very good friends.

Alexandra Daddario and Kate Easton Are not The Same, Maddie Hasson comes Over

Maddie Hasson instagram

Kate Easton is all set to re-locate and to fill the gap of her presence Alex invited Maddie Hasson to live with her. Alexandra shared a video on Youtube where she and Maddie were discussing the incident that happens the previous day. They together told the fans that they met up in West Hollywood the previous day and walked. Suddenly a man appeared and told them “Hey Guys! And he told them to get in his car and the funniest part is they both get in. Later that man took them to the desert.

Maddie also told that they were in the car for multiple hours. And after they reach the desert and spend more than 4 hours suddenly Alexandra realizes that they don’t know these people. Then she called her best friend Morgan and morgan got freaked out and obviously who won’t be.

The best part after all the incident Morgan didn’t help Maddie and Alexandra to get out from there.

julian brink wife

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Morgan Nalley Annoys Alex

Alexandra Daddario also told her fans how morgan annoys her. She explained that morgan just steals her things like it’s her own. And in one Part It can be seen morgan walks out in Alex’s shoes because she did not want her feet to get dirty. All these happened in front of Alexandra Daddario and she was just staring at Morgan along with Maddie Hasson.

You can watch the full video on the official account of Alexandra Daddario’s YouTube channel.

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