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List of Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood

Top 10 most beautiful women in Hollywood 1. Kate Upton 2. Gal Gadot 3. Margot Robbie 4. Emma Watson 5. Jennifer Lawrence 6. Alexandra

list of most beautiful women in hollywood

There is a huge craze for Hollywood movies all over the world. The actors in this industry are also popular in all the countries. Like Hollywood movies, actresses in this industry are famous and are known all over the world. Hollywood actresses are known for their beauty, acting, style, and humanity. We have prepared a list of the most beautiful women in Hollywood who is famous all over the world.

All the women come from different countries you can also check the Top 15 countries with the most beautiful women.

Here is a list of the beautiful leading ladies of Hollywood who have stood the age of time and made us a fan with their beauty and acting skills.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood

1. Kate Upton

Born: 10 June 1992

Occupation: Actress and Model

Country: America

kate upton

Kate Upton is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. In 2013, she won the model of the year award. Then after in 2014, she was listed as People’s Sexiest Woman. Kate has a perfect body that gains the attention of followers. She looks gorgeous and more popular for her bold looks all over the world. Kate is the hottest model in America, her photoshoot photos always make fans crazy for her. Kate Upton’s love for bikinis can be easily seen in her latest photoshoot at the beach.

She is known for her hot bikini looks and swimsuit appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

2. Gal Gadot

Born: 30 April 1985

Occupation: Actress and Model

Country: Israel

gal gadot

Gal Gadot is an actress who never fails to amaze us with her performance. She has a number of hit movies in her kitty. She is well known for the portrayal of Wonder Women in the DC Universe. Her acting is very compelling. She has several projects lined up and we can’t wait to see this beauty making us drool with her performance.

Her smile is goddamn cute, perfect body, beautiful smile, magical eyes, all make her the most beautiful actress in America. The Israeli Actress is on Instagram as @gal_gadot and has a reach of 66.6 Million.

3. Margot Robbie

Born: 2 July 1990

Occupation: Actress

Country: Australia

Margot Robbie beautiful women in hollywood

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress as well as a Producer. She started her acting career at the tender age of 17. She has been a part of several box office hits. Robbie has given a stellar performance in movies like The Wolf of the Wall Street, Suicide Squad, and The Legend of Tarzan.

The actress has garnered a lot of praise for her recent movie, Once Upon a time in Hollywood. The actress is very active on her Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @margotrobbieofficial. She has a total of 776K Followers and is ruling a lot of hearts.

4. Emma Watson

Born: 15 April 1990

Occupation: Actress

Country: France

emma watson

Every 90s kid has had a crush on Emma Watson for as long as one can remember. She is an English actress known for her role in the Harry Potter series as Hermoine Granger. Watson rose to fame at a very tender age but she never let the fame get to her head. She is an activist and is often seen talking about social issues on her Instagram. The 31-year-old actress is not only known for her acting skills but also for her. With her Instagram handle @emmawatson, she is ruling a lot of hearts across the globe.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Born: 15 August 1990

Occupation: Actress

Country: America

Jennifer Lawrence most beautiful women in hollywood

Jennifer began her acting career in the year 2008, with the movie Garden Party. Ever since that, Lawrence has been on a roll. Jennifer has given stellar performances and her range of acting can be showcased in movies such as Hunger Games, X Men, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle. She is one of the highest-paid leading ladies in Hollywood. She is a recipient of many awards. Her Instagram handle is @jenniferlawrence_.

6. Alexandra Daddario

Born: 16 March 1986

Occupation: Actress

Country: America

alexandra daddario is the beautiful women in hollywood

True Detective actress Alexandra Daddario made her television debut at the age of 16. She stands out because of her beautiful eyes, cute face, and sexy figure. Daddario is one of the most beautiful women in the world, this is the reason why she is on the list of most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is loved by more than 21 million people on Instagram.

7. Natalie Portman

Born: 9 June 1981

Occupation: Actress

Country: Israel

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is an Israeli-born American actress, producer, and director. n 1999, she enrolled at Harvard University to study psychology while still working as an actress. In 2010, Portman starred in the psychological horror film Black Swan. Her performance received widespread critical acclaim and she earned her first Academy Award for Best Actress, her second Golden Globe Award, the SAG Award, the BAFTA Award, and the BFCA Award in 2011. Her Instagram handle is @natalieportman and has a total of 7.4 Million followers.

8. Ana de Armas

Born: 30 April 1988

Occupation: Actress

Country: Cuba

Ana de Armas

Ana De Armas is a beautiful Cuban actress. Armas became an actress at the early age of 12 and she made her professional debut in the Spanish film Una rosa de Francia in 2006. She took Hollywood by storm with her performance in knock knock. Since then she has appeared in several major films like; Exposed, Hands of Stone, and War Dogs. You can find her on Instagram with @ana_d_armas.

9. Katherine Langford

Born: 29 April 1996

Occupation: Actress

Country: Australia

Katherine Langford

Katharine is famous for her role in the series 13 Reasons Why. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and the cutest actress from Australia. Her fan following starts growing after her award-winning role in the series 13 Reasons Why.

10. Monica Bellucci

Born: 30 April 1988

Occupation: Actress

Country: Italy

Monica Bellucc

Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress and fashion model. Born in Umbria, Italy, she began modeling at age 13 by posing for a local photo enthusiast. She still looks gorgeous and ranked on the list of most beautiful women in Hollywood at the age of 57.

Bellucci’s film career began in the early 1990s. She rose to prominence with her role in the film Malena. At 50, she will be the oldest Bond girl ever in the next James Bond movie, playing Lucia Sciarra in Spectre. Her Instagram handle is @monicabellucciofficial.

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