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How Morgan Nalley became Friends with Alexandra and Kate Easton

Kate Easton reveals how she met Alexandra Daddario and Morgan Nalley for the first time and they became best friend since that time

Morgan Nalley

A past lockdown has brought many a hard time but for those who needed a break and wanted to spend some time with family and friends, it was relaxing.  This lockdown was a blessing for Alexandra since she was able to spend her time with her best friend Kate Easton and Morgan Nalley. Also, Alexandra falls in love with actor and producer Andrew Form which broke the heart of her male friends.

Alexandra Daddario, Kate Easton, and Morgan Nalley lived together in the recent lockdown for more than 4 months. I will be lying to you if I say that these three are just friends. They are roommates, colleagues and more than that they are very good friends.

Morgan Nalley Relationship status with Alexandra Daddario

Morgan Nalley and Alexandra Daddario

You can find Interesting videos on YouTube of the trio enjoying each other’s company and having fun together. Alexandra even took the dating profile of her roommate Morgan Nalley. All three have done a lot of activities together in the lockdown from feeding a puppy to teaching how to shotgun a beer.

Recently Alexandra’s Boyfriend movie “A Quiet Place II” was released and Alex and Morgan were enjoying the movie with a bucket full of popcorn.

Kate Easton reveals how she met Alexandra and Morgan

Alexandra Daddaio with kate easton and morgan nalley

Alexandra knew Morgan Nalley before she met Kate and later Kate get to know Morgan and they became friends. Kate also wants another movie together with Alexandra to strengthen her relationship with Alexandra.

When Kate was asked that how she met Morgan Nalley and Alexandra she told that “she first met Alex on Lost Girls and Love Hotels and they became pals. A year Later Alexandra and Kate ended up working together in a film called Can You Keep a Secret. Now they are trying to get a third film together to celebrate their third year of friendship. Also, Alexandra knew Nalley so these three became pals.”

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