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How Did Indori Ishq Change Vedika Bhandari’s Career?

Vedika Bhandari has done many web series, she tells Tara from Indori Ishq is close to her and it gave a boost to her career, Instagram

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Vedika Bhandari has been part of the entertainment industry for a few years now but it was the character of “Tara” on the web series Indori Ishq that gave her almost overnight fame. In Indori Ishq, Vedika plays a negative character. The character she portrays is Tara in Indori Ishq.
Not only in the film industry Vedika Bhandari is also famous on social media like Instagram.

Apart from Indori Ishq (latest web Series), she has also starred in many serials. She is mostly known for her character as Neha Raj Jindal in “Woh Apna Sa” and as Ishani Kholi in “Kasam Teri Pyaar Ki”.

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Vedika Bhandari as Tara!

Vedika Bhandari who plays the part of “Tara” in the web series called Indori Ishq — a young lady who is unapologetic about the choices she makes — shares that she was skeptical to play her part. “Initially, when I heard the story, I was not sure if I wanted to play a layered role like Tara. I was worried that the audience would reject a character like hers. But, I also knew that she was challenging to portray and that is what made me say yes to the show,” shares the actress on how she became a part of Indori Ishq.

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Furthermore talking about her role she explains to us that how Tara doesn’t stick to the rules laid down by society. She explains, “Tara is not your regular coy and naive heroine. She makes wrong choices and often get tire of her relationships. But she is never guilty for the decisions she makes. Her actions in the show are not glorified, they are left for viewers’ interpretation. But, I do know that there will be a major chunk of the audience who can relate to her actions or know of someone who is like her.”

Vedika Bhandari’s Life After Portraying The Role Of ‘Tara’.

In an interview Vedika spoke about that while shooting for another show in Silvasa, people used to come up to her and ask for pictures. Initially, she thought it was the cause of the shooting but then when they spoke ”Tara Apne Acha Nahi Kiya”. Upon hearing this Vedika was ecstatic. She finally realized that people acknowledged her. She is finally being recognized.

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Vedika also said that she loves getting feedback from fans. She received a lot of negative attention “because of my character as Tara. But I was really happy that I got the negative comments. It just meant that people had understood my character and they had really paid attention. Somewhere it’s good for me as an actor because I could portray Tara in a correct way. It was a success for me. I took the negative comments positively because it meant people were enjoying and understanding the show,” she concluded.

Vedika Bhandari Instagram!

Her Instagram handle is @vedikabhandari. She is a verified user on Instagram. With over 100k followers and 800 posts, she is ruling a million hearts.

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Vedika’s likes and dislikes

The actor that inspires Vedika the most is Ranbir Kapoor. She feels that his talent and acting skills make him an inspiration in a lot of ways.

Also when asked about her favorite beauty product she said obsessed with the Kay Beauty mascara she also loves lip products from Victoria’s Secret.

Vedika on the work front!

The actress currently has a few untitled projects in her kitty and speaks about the kind of roles she would like to play. She calls herself an Alia Bhatt fan and wishes to do movies and web series like Raazi and Highway and adds, “I look forward to doing action dramas. I believe that it would be physically challenging and that is something I want to tap into.”

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