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Fay Asghari(Sam Asghari’s Sister) Age, Husband, Biography

Fay Asghari is a model and a cosmetic nurse from the United States. She is the sister of Iranian-American model and actor Sam Asghari.

Fay Asghari

Fay Asghari is a model and a cosmetic nurse from the United States. She is a well-known educator and cosmetic surgery and treatment trainer. Fay is now working on releasing her book on aesthetic medicine. She has also appeared in the Nursing Journal magazine. Fay grew up in the capital of Iran, Tehran, in a tiny house with her two elder sisters and a younger brother. She is the sister of an Iranian-American model and actor “Sam Asghari”. Her parents married while she was still a child and had no formal schooling. They were so focused on raising their four children that they seldom had time for themselves. Her father left for the United States when Fay was only seven years old, leaving her mother to raise the four children on her own. He worked three separate jobs in America to support his family back in Iran.

Fay Asghari Biography

fay asghari indian saree looks

She is interested in both modeling and fashion. Fay’s devotion has led to her being featured on the covers of three different publications in a single year. She has worked with world-renowned fashion designers and was a featured guest on the runway during LA Fashion Week. The American is a cosmetic nurse by trade but a model by desire.

Fay is a well-known educator and cosmetic surgery and treatment trainer. During LA Fashion Week, she received a lot of encouragement from her younger brother Sam. The event took place at the Beverly Hilton. Fay proposed to her brother Sam to fashion designer Michael Costello while modeling.


Despite being a famous celebrity, Fay has not disclosed her precise date of birth, hence her exact age remains unknown.


She is a lady of medium height. Fay has a height of 5 ft 8 in ( Approx 1.73m).

Sam Asghari's sister


In Tehran, Iran, she was born to her father, Mike Asghari, and mother, Fatima Asghari. She grew up in the United States with her siblings, Maddy Asghari, Ellie Asghari, and Sam Asghari. Fay is of Iranian-American descent.


On April 30, 2021, she shared a photo on her Instagram account with the following caption: You are and have always been my fantasy. Thank you for being my lover, partner, and best friend all at the same time. Fay Asghari is in a love connection with a man whose identity has not been revealed. The snapshot she provided shows that the two are deeply in love with one other.


She has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a master’s degree in Nursing Science. Fay is now enrolled in a Nurse Practitioner program.

Salary/Net Worth

Her employment as a cosmetic nurse is her primary source of income. Fay Asghari gets an annual income of $172,487 on average.

Fay Asghari Relationship status

Asghari is not married at the moment. She hasn’t revealed anything about her marriage. She has, however, confirmed that she has a boyfriend. Fay is in a relationship with her partner, the identity of whom she has not divulged.

She has announced her boyfriend via her Instagram account, but she has not given his full identity. They appear to be happy together since Fay routinely shares images of them together. They are either traveling to other locations or going trekking and doing other activities together. Even, They were also spotted on fancy dates at posh locales.

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Interesting Facts About Fay Asghari

  • Sam Asghari’s older sister is Fay Asghari. Her brother is a model and fitness trainer who is well-known for his connection with the music diva Britney Spears.
  • Fay is the first child born to Mike and Fatima Asghari, who have three other children. Her childhood was spent in Iran.
  • Unlike her famous siblings, Fay Asghari’s age is still unknown, as there is no information about her age on the internet. Her younger brother, Sam, on the other hand, is 26 years old.
  • Similarly, Fay’s height is still unknown. According to an article published on LEAF, the average height for female models is between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches. As a result, it is presumed that Fay is tall according to the aforementioned height criterion.
  • Fay Asghari shares pics with her boyfriend/partner on Instagram mentioning him as her love.
  • Fay Asghari, like many other models, is active on Instagram, where she maintains the account nurse Fay. Meanwhile, she has over 118k Instagram followers. She appears to be very active on Instagram since she constantly publishes updates.
  • Fay is also active on Twitter, where she has over 1,643 followers, however, her account is private.
  • Despite being well-known on the internet as a model and Sam Asghari’s elder sister, she is not included on Wikipedia as of 2021.
  • Fay Asghari holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and nursing science and is a board-certified cosmetic Nurse. She has also lately enrolled in school to become a nurse practitioner.
  • Fay Asghari’s net worth is not yet visible on the internet. However, according to the ZipRecruiter benchmark, the yearly salary for cosmetic nurses in the United States is $89,976.

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