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Evelyn Sharma shares her pregnancy news on Instagram

Indian actress and German model Evelyn Sharma got pregnant only after the 2 months of her marriage. check what fans comment on her photos


On 7 June 2021, Evelyn Sharma shared her wedding photos with Tushaan Bhindi where both bride and groom were looking beautiful. During the wedding, Evelyn wears a Parisian wedding dress in which she looked like a princess. Evelyn was in a white wedding dress while Bhindi wears navy blue court paint and a white shirt. After a few months, Evelyn Sharma shares pregnancy news on Instagram.

Bollywood actress Evelyn Sharma shares her first Pregnancy photo

Evelyn and Tushaan were got engaged in 2019, while they married on 15 May 2021. After about 2 months, Evelyn shared her first photo in monokini and wore sunglasses on Instagram. She captioned “Can’t wait to hold you in my arms”. She is so excited for her first baby and to experience the goodness of being a mother. Also wants to live the moments of her first baby cry, the baby first walks on their feet.

evelyn sharma shares first pregnancy photo

Recently, another B-Town actress Kareena Kapoor Khan launched her first book on Pregnancy on Amazon mainly for pregnant women. This book might interest Evelyn and encourage her to read  “KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN’S PREGNANCY BIBLE” to read during her pregnancy time.

People are applauding her bigger belly

Most people use to do bad comments whenever an actress uploads her bigger belly photos on social media. They discourage her instead of encouraging her and troll them for losing her beauty and slim figure. Apart from this, there are many people who support and spread their wishes. In the recent photo of Evelyn Sharma, bigger belly people are applauding for the first time. Through this photo, she officially announced her pregnancy and described the baby is on the way.

After which, she posted her photo on Instagram, where she thanks all for their love, blessings, and good wishes. She further added, So much to celebrate every day of my life and I am so glad you guys are part of my journey.

Evelyn celebrate her birthday in German style


12 July was a special day for Evelyn Sharma because this is the day when she was born to show her art in acting and modeling. She was so happy for her recent birthday celebration and for getting closer to the moment of being a wonderful mother. On this special day, she baked a German cake for her Birthday. She aims to be happy all the time for herself and for her coming baby. She mentioned ‘if a mommy will happy, then the baby will also be happy. And this is more important for the health of a newborn baby, that’s why she baked her favorite German cake.

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