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Disha Patani doing backflip on BTS song “Butter”.

Disha Patani doing backflip and shared video on Twitter, she used the new song of BTS which is called “Butter”. video has hit more than 41k views.

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Disha Patani always do something which grab the attention of all the Netizens towards her, she always have something up in her sleeves which make the audience to gasp towards her skill. All the fans of her always find something new and they just can’t hold their excitement to find something more. Recently Disha Patani doing backflip on BTS song.

Recently a video is uploaded by Disha which is trending on twitter. The video got more than 41k views, 8313 likes, and 388 tweets in less than 9 hours on twitter. Patani can be seen showing her gymnastic skills and her flexibility. Patani doing the back flip with a cute smile on her face and the landing she has done is smooth and flawless.

Watch the video on the twitter   

She captioned it “Wish this would feel more like butter   ”,which she was referring to her landing as she wants a butter smooth landing. She don’t need any certification as she is quite skilled in gymnasts. Even though the landing looks perfectly perfect still she wants to hone her skill more in it.

BTS Song used

Fans all over the country as well as abroad are also going crazy due to the background song used by her. The song which she used is of south Korean boy band BTS, the song is called “Butter”. Butter is premiered ____ hours ago and already have more than 55 million views on YouTube and its breaking the record on the internet.

BTS fans as well as the disha’s fans all over the world going crazy when they saw an Indian actress doing the back flip over this song and they just can’t hold their excitement. All the fans from India or from overseas are showing their love towards her.

Fans suggestion

Some of the fans asked her why not she represent India in Gymnasts while some said the Hollywood needs the girl like her.

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