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Celebrity is a person who is a well-known public figure whose life is not much private to them.

They got attention, love, name, and fame from the common people.

Most people become celebrities mainly from the field of entertainment, singing, sports, and dance.

Everyone wants to know about their personal life, past life, and everything related to them.

They are idols for many people, peoples are following them in their life.

Social media and celebrities

Nowadays, With the advent of social media, people are getting success very soon.

Like, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many video-sharing platforms help to grow fast and made a chance to become a famous celebrity.

People can directly interact with their favorite celebrities.

They also provide a live session and organized Question & Answer session to know more about their fans and let their fans know more about them.

Who are celebrities

People who act in movies and television actors, people who sing are usually celebrities.

High-ranking politicians, people who tell people the news, television show hosts, people who go to outer space.

It also includes major-league athletes, and people who sing songs are also sometimes celebrities.

If a person achieves something big in their life, then they will also be treated like a celebrity.

How to become a celebrity

A great way to become a celebrity is to expertise in any field like dancing, modeling, comedian, or anything in which you are good.

There are many platforms where you can share your videos (work) to achieve popularity and get popular soon.

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