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Andrew Form New Girlfriend Alexandra Daddario After Jordana

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Love, affairs, and breakups are always the Top gossips in the world of Entertainment. Celebrities dating always grab the attention more quickly than any other news. So, here have another hot inside news from the world of the Hollywood Industry. Every Hollywood movies lover knows American Actress Alexandra Daddario and Producer Andrew Form. I guess you got the point. Yes, they are both dating each other. This year is so special for Andrew Form that he started a new relationship with Alexandra Daddario. And recently, Andrew Form was spotted at many places with his new girlfriend.

Andrew is an American film producer who falls in love with the American Actress who is on the list of most beautiful actresses in the world.

Alexandra Daddario Confirm her relationship with American producer Andrew Form

alexandra daddario and boyfriend andrew form
Andrew Form and his new girlfriend Alexandra Daddario

Daddario confirms her relationship with Andrew Form through her Instagram Post. This year, in May 2021, she posted a couple of photos together with her new boyfriend.

She shared the pic on Instagram in which she was kissing her boyfriend. Alex went to watch her boyfriend’s movie ‘A Quiet Place 2’ with her friend Morgan Nalley to boost her boyfriend’s confidence.

Both the couple looks beautiful together and enjoying the accompany of each other.

Alexandra and Form – Another celebrity Couple with huge age difference

Alex is just 35 years old while Andrew is very older than her. Form is 52 years old and starts dating 17 years younger actress than him. This is not the first time when a celebrity couple dating each other and having a large age gap. This is why the anger of Alex’s fans broke out on Instagram.

Andrew Form and Jordana Brewster

jordana brewster and andrew form

This is not Andrew’s first relationship with Alexandra. He is divorced. In 2007, he was married to American Actress and Model Jordana Brewster. They have 2 children. But in mid of 2020 Brewster filed for divorce, and now they are separate.

After ending the relationship with Brewster Andrew starts dating the blue eyes queen Alexandra Daddario.

Interesting facts about Andrew relationship with Alexandra and Jordana

It is interesting to know about Andrew’s girlfriends. His first date was Jordana Brewster while his second girlfriend is Alexandra Daddario.

Form is quite smart to choose his life partner. In 2006, Form started dating the actress of the sixth installment of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise movie (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) Jordana Brewster.

And currently, he is dating the actress of the seventh installment of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise (Texas Chainsaw 3D) Alexandra Daddario.

Form loves to be in relationship with the actresses of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise movies.

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