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Alexandra Daddario Vs Disha Patani Bikini Photos – Who Has Best Body?

Alexandra Daddario and Disha Patani’s bikini look. who looks hotter?. Alexandra is the hottest diva in Hollywood while Disha is India’s national crush.

who has the best bikini body in the world- Aelxandra vs Disha

There are lots of pictures of women in bikinis are available on the Internet. But not everyone grabs your attention right away. Isn’t it?. Here we have two beautiful actresses from two different countries. Whenever they come in bikinis, then the likes and comments start raining on their photos. The two beauties are not other than American Actress Alexandra Daddario and an Actress from India Disha Patani. So, here we are going to answer the most asked Question about them. Is Alexandra Daddario’s bikini photos are better than Disha Patani’s? and after that, we will know who has the best bikini body.

There is another comparison between American Supermodel Kate Upton and Indian actress Sara Ali Khan’s bikini photos.

Who has the most perfect body in a bikini?

Who do people like more in a bikini?

We will also know how these beauties look-alike before they started their acting career.

It will be quite interesting to know if there is any other competitor apart from each other who looks gorgeous in a bikini.

One of the two is 6 years older than the other but don’t underestimate her beauty. Guess who she is? Don’t know. Wait, Relax, you will know soon.

American(Hollywood) Actress Alexandra Daddario in Bikini

Alexandra Anna Daddario is an American actress, on the other hand, Disha Patani is an Indian actress who works in Hindi films.

Both of them are talented, hardworking, and are extremely beautiful.

Women across the globe want to look like them in terms of fashion, physique, or accessories. But this desire will remain only a wish if you do not pay attention to the body like them. So, there will be Healthy Tips for you to follow, if you want a body like them.

Alexandra Daddario is more often known by her nickname ‘Alex”. So, I’m going to use it instead of her full name. Before moving to the main topic, let me know what are the reasons that you also love “Percy Jackson” girl.

Alexandra Daddario and Kate Easton Bikini photos

In the above photo, Alexandra Daddario is relaxing with her best friend Kate Easton where Alex is in a skin color bikini while Kate is in a black bikini. She often shares pics and videos with her. On Instagram Alex always shares pics with kate. While on YouTube both friends include her third friend Morgan Nalley is enjoying the pool in a bikini. All three enjoyed each other and looks hot in bikinis.

If you want to watch the full video here is the link you can go through, BIKINI TIME, Day at the Pool with Alexandra Daddario. And don’t forget to comment below who has the best bikini body among the three. If you are quite interested to know about the friendship of two actresses then the relationship between Alex and Kate is one that you should know.

A Healthy warning – Don’t look into her eyes you might befall in the beauty of her gorgeous blue eyes. Most of the Hollywood actresses are known for their beauty, through their actions or some have special features. But in the case of this Hollywood lady, all are mixed up and also have an extra feature of her attractive blue eyes.

Alexandra is one of the famous and classy actresses. She has 20.2 Million followers on Instagram.

This beauty has a very attractive and confident smile on her face which stands her apart from others.

Alexandra Daddario blue bikini pics

Alexandra Daddario catchy Bikini pose

By the way, Alex looks good in every pic. But whenever she comes in a bikini avatar, she burns the platform whether it is social media or the scene of a movie.

The year 2017 was only for the fans of this beautiful girl. This year two movies “Baywatch” and “The Layover” were released. In these two movies, Alex was spotted many times in bikinis and swimsuits. She was looking dam hot in these movies in a bikini.

In Baywatch, she wore most of the time red one-piece swimsuit. Also in this movie, she was in the role of Baywatch swimwear who saves the life of people. In which she was wearing a Baywatch swimming suit.

Another movie released that year was “The Layover” in which she was wearing a bikini in the pool. In that movie, she wore a Black bikini in which she looks beautiful.

She never feels shy when it comes to flaunting her toned belly in Bikini.

Here we have some of her pics of Alexandra Daddario in a bikini.

baywatch actress alexandra daddario red bikini image in swimming pool

How Alexandra Daddario was looking in her early movies

Alex started her acting career when she was 16 years old.  “All My Children” is her debut television show. In 2010, she appeared in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief which is based on the novel “The Lightning Thief” in a major role.

At that time, you will see cuteness on Alexandra Daddario’s face instead of looking for her Bold Bikini style. With the passage of time, she signed films one after the other, and boldness and hotness started appearing.

alexandra daddario earlier and now bikini photos comparison

Indian(Bollywood) Actress Disha Patani In Bikini

After talking about Alexandra Daddario. Here we have her big competitor from India Disha Patani, who is mostly famous for her Bikini looks.

The craze of Disha started increasing after her first Hindi Bollywood movie “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story”.  In this movie, her look was quite simple. But when her other movie Baaghi 2 was released people started clinching after seeing her Bikini looks.

Patani is an Indian girl who began her acting career with the Telugu film Loafer. Also a couple of months ago Disha shared a dance video from “Radhe” movie set in which she was looking extremely hot.

Apart from the big screen, she is more active on social media. She is followed by 45.4 Instagram users. And she regularly updates her profile with new videos and photos from her daily life activity.

A Healthy warning – Be careful when you go through her photos below or anywhere on social handles.  Keep ice with you or move to a cooler place, because you won’t be able to handle her hotness.

disha patani past and current bikini photos

Indian Sexiest girl Disha Patani

Disha is the most influential celebrity in India she knows how to attract the attention of her followers.

Her bikini pictures set fire on the internet in seconds. If you noticed, then you must find out that most of her Bikini photos are from the product of Calvin Klein. She is the Indian brand ambassador for Calvin Klein that’s why she always uses Calvin Klein bikinis.

Radhe girl looks hot either in both bikinis or monokinis. Disha Patani rocks her bikini photos as always.

Her height and figure make her look more attractive and confident in the Bikini Shots. She is the fashion diva in the Bollywood industry.

Disha Patani chills most of the time at the beach in Bikini. Recently, she was spotted in a pink bikini and matching hat at the beach. Her hot strapless bikini look is burning up the internet.

Disha in swimming pool wearing red bikini

A funny Fact about Disha Patani is that there are so many memes/jokes are on social media about her bikini pictures. People often say she doesn’t have any other dress except a few pairs of Bikinis because most of her photos on social media are in Bikinis.

Apart from trolling, she looks dam hot whenever she wore a bikini. Her curvy slim body and perfect height make her more attractive and hot.

“Baaghi 2” and “Malang” are some of her movies in which people can see her Bikini looks. If you are willing to watch these movies, then these are easily available to watch on the OTT platform. But, watch the full movie instead of waiting for her Bikini scene. Apart from bold looks, she is also a good actress due to which, she was highly appreciated in the sports biopic M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story movie. Here are some of her thirst trap pics:

disha patani in calvin klein bikini

Competitor of Alexandra and Disha other than each other – Who has the best bikini body in the world

In India, there is huge competition. Nowadays, many actresses come to start to pose in bikinis and also are liked by people. While in America, there are many actresses and models who are most popular because of their sexy figures and attractive body.

Some of the beautiful actresses who looks adorable in Bikinis are

  • Sara Ali Khan
  • Nora Fatehi
  • Urvashi Rautela

In Hollywood, you can’t guess how many other women are there who also look hot and sexy in bikinis. In this industry, actresses came across all over the globe.

Some of the other Hollywood actresses who look hot in bikinis are

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35 years old Alexandra Daddario VS 29 years old Disha Patani in bikini

Alex was born on March 16, 1986, while Disha was born on 13 June 1992. Their age gap is almost 6 years. In short, Alex is 6 years older than Disha but She is no less than Disha in terms of hotness. You must have got the idea when you see the photo of these two.

Who has the most perfect body in Bikini

Do I need to answer this question? On the above, we have lots of bikini photos of these two beautiful actresses. Both of the sexy ladies know how to show off their well-maintained bodies.

It’s very clear both the actresses are a tough competition to each other. Both of the sexy ladies have perfect bikini bodies.

Whom do people like more Alexandra Daddario or Disha Patani in bikini?

Both of them have a sexy figure to catch their attention in seconds. People search daily these two on google thousands of times.

In our conclusion, Disha has more influence on Asian fans while Alexandra being an American Actress has more influence on English-speaking native fans.

If you like Brown girl then Disha Patani is the one that you will like the most in a bikini. Otherwise, you will definitely like blonde actresses like Alexandra Daddario who looks hot in a bikini.

More than 20 million People follows Alexandra Daddario on Instagram while more than 45 million peoples follow Disha Patani on Instagram.


Who is the hottest queen of bikinis? 

Bikinis have always been hot property and thirst traps for the netizens and fans. 
They not only catch attention but also motivates people to be in shape. 
Let’s see some of the hot beauty queens who flaunt their belly sizzling in Bikinis.

1. Janine Mari Raymundo Tugonon (born October 19, 1989) is a Filipino model, TV presenter, actress, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2012.

2. Edina Kulcsár is a Hungarian actress, model, and beauty queen. She was crowned as Miss World Hungary 2014 and represented the country at Miss World 2014 where she was first runner-up.

3. Elizabeth Scott Safrit is an American model, journalist, and beauty queen. 

Who has the best bikini body in Bollywood?

According to the articles and research, DishaPatani has the best bikini body in Bollywood.
DishaPatani is also a Fitness-Freak, it is visible in her images. 
And her Instagram feed is proof that the Malang actress is not only a huge fitness fanatic but also a total beach bum and water baby, thanks to her many bikini-clad posts on her feed that offer glimpses into the everyday life of the glamourous Radhe actor.

Let, us know who is the hottest Bikini, actress, or model according to you.

Image source Instagram

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