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Alexandra Daddario and her Brother Matthew Daddario Interesting Facts

Know everything about Alexandra Daddario and her brother Matthew Daddario. Both actors looks alike their younger sister Catharine Daddario.

Alexandra Matthew Daddario

American actress Alexandra Daddario most popular for her role in the True Detective Drama series is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. People want to know about everything about her whether it is her upcoming movies or her relationship with her boyfriend, best friends, and her siblings. Here, we will know about everything about Alexandra Daddario and her brother Matthew Daddario.

In the family of Alexandra Daddario, there are three siblings Matthew Daddario, Catharine Daddario, and herself. Matthew Daddario is younger than Alexandra. If you want to know more about her elder sister, check the Alexandra Daddario Biography.

Matthew Daddario Sister – Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

Who does not know Alexandra Daddario? A multi-talented American Actress with beautiful features Alexandra Daddario was born on March 16, 1986. She was born in new york city.

Now Alex is 35 years old but at the age of 35 too, she is as stunning as someone would be in their early 20’s. She can easily beat newcomers when it comes to beauty. Alex is no more than an angel.

Although Alex has worked a lot in the industry. In the year 2010, she has made her first major role as Annabeth Chase, in the fantasy adventure film Percy Jackson & the Olympians. If you could notice on google mostly she is named Percy Jackson actress. That’s much popularity she gained with this project.

From starting itself she was quite open about her relationships. Unlike others, she does not hide her relationships. She always keeps her door open when it comes to love(While talking about the relationship status she had few relationships in her past).

But currently, Alexandra is in love with Andrew Form. Andrew is an American film producer. Alexandra Daddario started dating her boyfriend Andrew in 2021.

When it comes to Alexandra Daddario how can we forget about her siblings? Yes !! her siblings. We are talking about Matthew Daddario and Catharine Daddario. Her siblings are quite lucky to have such a multi-talented and popular sister.

But we are here only to talk about Matthew and Alexandra, we will know about Catherine Daddario in some other blog.

Matthew Daddario

matthew daddario

Matthew Daddario is Alex’s younger brother. He was born on October 1, 1987. Matthew is also born in New York City. Matthew is an American Actor. Unlike Alex, her brother Matthew has also got fabulous features.

He made his big debut with the romantic, drama film Breath in, in the lead role of Aaron which was coordinated by Drake Doremus. He entered the industry in 2012.

You will get surprised that Matthew is married. After hearing this so many ladies must be getting jealous of his wife. He got married to Esther Kim on December 31, 2017. Matthew is also a father of his 1-year-old daughter. Mathew Daddario’s wife Esther Kim looks stunning and beautiful.

Both Sibling are close to each other

alexandra daddario and matthew daddario

In an interview with Schön! Magazine the “Trust” star said, “As kids, I think my parents told us that sometimes people thought we were twins,”. He also added “We kind of looked alike, and there are three of us who are close in age… It’s great to have a sibling who’s close to you in age because it’s like you have a friend around all the time.

Matthew seems to be very close to her older sister and both were seen together and showing their acting skill in the first and second season of “Why Women Kill”. Both of their characters got engagement and praise from the audience although it was not an official collab and their acting was highly praised.

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