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Alex and Kate had a huge fight over “Taco”.

Alexandra Daddario ( Alex ) did not talk to Kate Easton for more than 46 days because they had a huge fight. Tacos were not the only reason, there was one more edible food.

Alex and Kate

Having a friend is nice, but having a best friend will definitely make you feel more confident. Same story we have about the two cute and beautiful actresses from Hollywood Alex and Kate. True Detective actress Alexandra Daddario and American actress Kate Easton. Both look cute together, so their friendship remains in the discussion. But, in every friendship, there was always a fight once in a while. It depends whether you keep your friendship by forgetting all the mess or you move ahead in your own life. Once in a time, Alexandra Daddario and Kate Easton also had a huge fight. Before moving to the main topic, do you want to see the Daddario and Easton friendship moments on Instagram?

Kate Easton Best Friend of Alex

Are they still talking to each other after the fight? Why did they quarrel? What was the reason? You will get the answer soon about Alex and kate. But, let me tell you how is the current relationship status between Alexandra Daddario and Kate Easton.

Relationship between Alexandra and Kate Easton

Kate and Alex often seem together on Instagram posts and YouTube videos. They love spending time with each other, doing cool stuff, having crazy moments, and more.  Alexandra Daddario also has another friend ‘Morgan Nalley’, but Kate is the one who is close to her.

If you want to watch this two friend video, you can visit the official YouTube channel of Alex through this link. Both appeared in the movie Can You Keep a Secret? Their pairing is on-screen as well as off-screen.


Fight between Alex and Kate – Hard time for both

There is nothing hidden from the fans. They even find the small news about their favorite celebrity. Just like, there was a rumor that Alex and Kate had a big fight. To address these rumors Both Kate and Alex upload a video on YouTube to tell them about what exactly happened. They weren’t friends for a while.

What was the reason behind the fight between Kate Easton and Alexandra Daddario?

It’s an incident about one night when Kate was sleeping, then Alexandra entered her room and she forcefully fed Taco to Kate. Let me mention ‘Taco’ is a Mexican dish consisting of tortillas topped with a filling of corn or wheat and various other mixtures. As a retaliation by the time, Kate had done the same with the same food specifically hot dogs, as Alex did with her.

Alexandra does not eat pork.  At the mid-time Alex pushed flocktar, then Kate fell to the ground. Alex shout accidents happened. This was the incident when both haven’t talked with each other for a period of month 46 days. And that was the reason behind the huge fight between Alex and Kate.

Then Alexandra sent a box of Tacos, to kate to eat a taco in her own time and not when she was sleeping.


You can see their YouTube video where both Alex and Kate are explaining the incident.

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