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About us

Sayverity is one of the premier entertainment websites of young India which covers the news related to entertainment. Our team research and then provides you the true and real news. We believe in speed, accuracy, and authenticity.

Therefore considered us the most reliable source of all entertainment news in both urban and rural viewers.

We report the glitz and glamour of Bollywood and Hollywood with honesty, zeal, and commitment. Films, television, music, movie reviews, gossip, and scandals. Sayverity features all such news in the most engrossing and entertaining style.


Indian or International Actor plays a vital role to influence normal people or their followers.

People easily and quickly understand the actor’s words. They are just like a messenger to a large audience.

Sayverity categorized a Category that contains all actors from all over the world. The most famous and popular actors are from Hollywood and Bollywood. World’s most handsome, highest-paid, sexiest, famous, top Instagram personality, and Hot actor.

We provide the latest and fastest trending news about your favorite actors.


Actresses are as important as an actor, who plays a role in any movie. A film is made with the help of both.

Sayverity lists all actresses from all over the world. It includes from Top movies industry like Bollywood, Hollywood and also from many from other film industry who are popular all over the world.

Women are now seen in the lead role of many movies.

Despite Bollywood and Hollywood, there are also many actresses came who got popular by their talent, acting, beauty, and hard work.

women can attract the audience by their looks, acting and she knows how to represent herself towards the audience.


SayVerity provides the details About your favorite person from their birth till their current position.

Every life has a story. Sayverity.com captures the most gripping, surprising, and fascinating stories about people. The last fateful day. The decision changed everything. The moment of cheating death. The biggest break. The defining opportunity. The most shattering failure. The unexpected connection.

With Sayverity and daily features that highlight newsworthy, compelling, and surprising points of view, we are the digital source for true stories about people that matter.


SayVerity provides a complete list of celebrity who is famous among the audience. All about Actors, Actresses, athletes, singers and more from different fields having Birthday.

SayVerity is a platform where Birthday’s of all famous personality is available with details. Details like Born, their Occupation, place of birth, and some facts you don’t know about them.

Check the upcoming Birthday in advance to wish your favorite celebrity. By which you can get noticed by your favorite celebrity.


Celebrity is a person who is a well-known public figure whose life is not much private to them.

They got attention, love, name, and fame from the common people.

Most people become celebrities mainly from the field of entertainment, singing, sports, and dance.

Everyone wants to know about their personal life, past life, and everything related to them.

They are idols for many people, people are following them in their life.


Sayverity.com Provides you the latest and real news related to the Hollywood industry. We cover every movie made in Hollywood, Award Shows, Hollywood celebs, Production Companies, and everything related to Hollywood.

So if you are seeking any Hollywood news or Hollywood gossip, then you have reached the right destination. From movie announcements, casting, big celeb-spotting, relationships stories, controversies to box-office updates, there is a lot that is happening in the Hollywood film industry.

Sayverity is the link between you and the news of Hollywood stars. We update our readers with all the latest Hollywood entertainment info.


SayVerity is the perfect online destination for movie enthusiasts. We provide the latest news and information on casting and development, release dates, trailers, interviews and clips, full movies, and more.

Here we keep users connected to all their favorites, past, present, and future. As a social entertainment network. We will recreate the way you DISCOVER, WATCH and DISCUSS the movies you love.

You can get all the Latest entertainment news and gossip from the world of Bollywood, Hollywood, and more.